The Musicians

What’s there to know about the musicians? One’s a teacher (Right) in a Junior College; the other one’s a librarian (Left).

SeaStars - the musicians

Here are some SeaStars Trivia:

No. of years they have known each other:
At least 20 years (we met in Ang Mo Kio Secondary School)

No. of years they’ve not seen each other:
Almost 20 years (we met once in an army camp, during NS. But we were properly reconnected only in 2007)

Their total ages combined:
Mid-range of 60 (two guys in their mid-30s, trying to live their musical dreams…)

No. of children between the two of them:
Two. They all belong to Adrian.

No. of years they’ve been married to their respective spouses:
Ivan would rather not tell, ‘cos his wife is rather strict about revealing shared details. Let’s just say it’s more than five and less than 10 as of this post.

No. of years of formal musical training:
Zero for both of them. Unless Adrian counts the three months he trained with a Jazz musician, who had a cauldron for an ashtray..

No. of months in using GarageBand:
About 15 months for Ivan. Three months for Adrian.

No. of albums released prior to SeaStars:
One for Ivan (if he counts one self-published Discography in 2006 via the Internet).
One for Adrian (Lizards Convention, 1995).

No. of guitars between them:
Five (Ivan has one more than Adrian. Do the math). Adrian has had others but lent out one that never got returned.

No. of musical instruments owned by them:
Ivan counts three guitars and one portable (electronic) piano. Adrian has two guitars.

No. of blogs between the two of them:
Eight (Adrian has two. Ivan has the rest. Ivan thinks creating blogs is like eating potato chips).

No. of fans expected for SeaStars:
At least one. (Ivan can always reactivate his imaginary childhood friend). Adrian: Make that two then!

No. of CDs they expect to sell for SeaStars:
LOL. Enuff said.

[Update: The two of them have decided to start a band blog. Called Starfish Stories :: The Band]


14 Responses to “The Musicians”

  1. Adrian to Ivan: “I can just see our fan base plateauing at 2 after they see the pictures of us.”

    Ivan to Adrian: “Wahahahahah!!!”

  2. we need to work on our album art..

  3. lol you just got one more fan in the form of a monkey!
    and I can see what happens with a biologist becomes a musician – all his album titles are animal related! O_O”! lizards? seastars? lol

  4. Thanks for the support monkey!

  5. does this mean i can start the official facebook fan group? lol

  6. To Monkey: YES YES!!!

  7. Now we can see how effective social networks are! 😛

    *Narrator: Will the fan base plateaus at 2? stay tune to the next episode of Sea Stars 2007*

  8. Sunday 7 Oct. Two days after the fanclub was created. 73 members. hmm…

  9. all thanks to the biologist’s wide network on facebook? :p

  10. Hi Preetha, yes I think it’s due to the extensive network of the Biologist that has gotten us 106 members to date (13th Oct 2007, 3:18pm). And of course to Ms. November Tan, our fan and fanclub manager.

  11. Hi Preetha,
    Woots, thanks for the comments. After the As [i.e. A-levels] you can further widen the network with ICS!!

  12. Hello Adrian!

    Here’s a copy of the email that I sent to Sadly, it bounced back…

    Hi guys! All the info on your website is so old, I’m not sure if you’re
    still maintaining it. I wanted to write you to ask for the chords of
    II-I from “Here’s A Funny Fish..”.

    Here’s a brief background: Your Elvis cover song, Wooden Heart, was a
    massive hit here in the Philippines back in the mid-90’s (i hope you
    made some money from it ). I was (and still am) one of your fans. I
    still even have my cassette of your album, original, of course. “II-I” and
    “Stuck In The Middle With You” and “The Goat That Haunted Me” are my
    fave songs from your album. II-I is probably in my Top 20 personal faves.

    I’m sorry for rambling, but I’ve never written a fan letter before,
    hehe 🙂

    I hope you guys get back together soon and make a new album.

    God bless!

  13. […] Fan Club Our first fan club was started by a fan “in the form of a monkey” – her words, not ours! But that club was for our first […]

  14. ‘Here’s a Funny Fish Hurrah’ songs now posted on youtube!

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