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Creative Commons LicenseSeaStars 2007 music album by Starfish Stories : The Band is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Singapore License. Based on a work at Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at

In case you didn’t quite understand the above, READ THIS! 🙂

Starfish Stories :: The Band is a Singaporean duo – Adrian Loo & Ivan Chew.

Feel free to contact them at their band blog or email

The album is FREE. More on permissions and copyright, at StarfishStories.


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SeaStars 2007


198Kbps version (46.9MB ZIP) | 64Kbps version (15MB ZIP)


1. SEASHORE DAYS (4.6MB) | 64Kbps (1.3 MB) | blog post

2. ONCE UPON A STAR 1.3 (6MB) | 64kbps (1.8MB) | blog post

3. FLOWING WITH THE WAVES 1.6 (5.1MB) | 64kbps (1.5MB) | blog post

4. INTO THE DEEP 1.2 (5.6MB) | 64kbps (1.7MB) | blog post

5. SEA ANEMONE 2.1 (5.8MB) | 64kbps (2.2MB) | blog post

6. STARGAZER 1.4 (3.4MB) | 64kbps (1.2MB) | blog post

7. STARFISH 1.2 (4.3MB) | 64kbps (1.7MB) | blog post

8. DOLPHINS GALAXIA 1.1 (6.9MB) | 64kbps (2.1MB) | Music Video | blog post

9. SEABREEZE 1.4 (5.2MB) | 64kbps (1.5MB) | blog post

We welcome comments on how to improve the songs. Feel free to share what you liked or disliked.

Visit the band blog at

[LATEST – 28 Dec 08: You can also listen/ download this album at –]

[Updated: 28 Dec 2008]

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