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Somewhere in Singapore, circa 2007, September:

Adrian: alright.. sorry to bug you… anyway need some audience..

Ivan: yeah, i know EXACTLY what you mean

Adrian: Anyway, I am trying to launch an album called seashore days. so if you want to help me also can… hey so we can have more audience to listen to our moosik

Ivan: SURE THING!!! How you want me to help? (frantically drops everything to help Adrian)

Adrian: hiyah relak, lah. Already using the lead you have done on the Seashore days song. I still have a couple of songs in me and also just bought an Armature electric guitar. so hopefully got about 8-10 songs and then we release it on the web and put in a couple of photos. Then we’ll be in time for a Christmas release…. how glam is that?!

And so, here we are.

A teacher and a librarian.

Mucking around with our Macs. And our guitars. A little bit of musical interests. A whole lot of dreams.

This blog chronicles the development of our joint album.

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