Album is ready!

SeaStars 2007 cover art - 2The songs have been re-arranged.

The entire album can now be downloaded (for free).

Thanks for visiting. Future posts and updates will be at our band blog.

And thanks for listening!


~ by Ivan Chew on January 27, 2008.

5 Responses to “Album is ready!”

  1. Okay, first of all, I would like to thank you guys for the CD! I’m so proud of u people! Never have I thought that Singaporeans will be interested in coming out their own album and especially one on New Age? I’ve always been a fan of New Age music, therefore, I’m defintely counted as your fan! (not a crazy fan though, i never ran after idols, just keep me posted if u’ve come up with a new album! I’ll definitely purchase the next!)

    When i listen to music, i rarely look into the quality, though sometimes i do. Mostly i look into how it makes me FEEL and the things tt i can PICTURE in this tinny winny head of mine. I find your music very inspirational. They just reminded me of the pictures i’ve once seen on the internet:

    My personal favourites are:

    1) “Seashore Days” (Can feel myself lounging on the beach with a book on hand. Lol! )

    2) “Stargazer” (What a suitable name for this! Exactly as i’ve imagined! In the night enjoying the breeze with beloved one, and STARGAZING!)

    3) “Starfish 1.2″ ( Uplifting. Before getting to the last part with the children’s laughter, i’ve already gotten the impression that this is a reflection + cheerup kind of music. Good for walks in parks kind of music,starting with the music slow, we’ll observe our surrounding, a time for reflection followed by getting faster with the rythmn at the middle of the music set by the guitar, it just kindda picks up a person’s mood. As this reaches the end, i was like, wooh! Tt’s it! This is gonna be a hit for when someone in low mood. The kid’s laughter just brightens up everything!

    4) ” Dolphins Galaxia 1.1 ( great! Like the cute little sound of dolphins. I see mermaids playing with the dolphins or I felt like i was being transported to heaven, celestial? (simply divine!) Yet, the ending seems to be kindda draggy.

    Other comments:

    Sea Anemone 2.1 ( Playing time is slightly long. Would have been better with more variations in between.)

    Good effort in Seabreeze 1.4., especially by trying to bring in Chinese instruments into it. However, personally i dont see much relation between the dolphins and the Chinese theme. Just feel that they dont go well together.

    Thanks for having spent your time reading through this lenghty comment. I wish u both well and good luck for this and the next album. Hmmm..Wonder what’s your next album’s theme going to be. Looking forward to the next!!! =)

  2. Hi Elvina, thanks for the comments! We’re still working on the new album. Things have gotten more hectic for Adrian (new kid in the house!) But we might see something this year. Thanks for reviewing the album, and for your kind words. We are still maintaining our SeaStars 2007 Facebook fanclub, so if you join as a member there, I guess that’ll be the mailing list. Thanks again! Cheers.

  3. =) Kind words? They are honest words. I will join the facebook fanclub. I’m sure the next album will be better! I’ve actually got a few new age cds (miexed artist), if u dun mind, maybe they can help to add on some inspiration?

    And not to forget, Adrian, congrats to you on becoming a dad! Dun worry guys, take your time. Family’s more important. This shld be done leisurely; when u’re totally relaxed, inspiration will just come to you.

  4. Hi Elvina, thanks..the review was really encouraging! Glad you enjoyed it. Love the interpretations of the music, they really bring a fresh perspective. Hope you’ll like the new album.. its in the works and I am sure some of the songs will appeal to you… we’ve decided to dedicate one of the songs to you for your enthusiastic support and chocolates… its called Rainy day – do listen our for it. Ivan’s done a inspired take on the melody.

  5. […] took me some time to get our SeaStars 2007 album uploaded to Jamendo (it only accepts WAV format, which is a pain to upload, at about 35MB per […]

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