Suyin’s comments

Suyin comments were nice. She had earlier blogged about Seabreeze version 1 on this post titled Sanctuary.

I particularly loved the first sentence [of her email review of SeaStars 2007]:

If you took a conch shell and place it to your ear and let it tell you tales from the Indo-Pacific oceans on a starry, starry night by the beach or out in the calm open sea… it just might sound like Seastars 2007 The Album.

Suyin has the ability to dream I guess in her own special way…

Here’s the rest of the email she sent to Ivan and me:

Seabreeze, as you already know, is my favourite, for the simple reason that it invokes fond memories of childhood for me (although there are no seagulls in Pangkor) and a somehow warm feeling of being “home” or being centred once again. The guitar melody here is best! The erhu and sitar provide pleasant unexpected touches except for the cymbals and gong at the end… I suppose conch tales would not be complete without bits and bobs of influences from the Orient lands.. heh.. Two others that I particularly liked are Starfish (loved the acoustic guitar and its tweaks) and Stargazer (the emo electric guitar is lovely, but sayang the ending’s not very gempak lah).

I don’t know what gempak is but this Malaysian girl often uses these terms in conversations.

And here is the last paragraph that speaks much about why the songs were written – to capture a sense of tranquility and the spirit of days at the beach, stargazing and just being. Like cycling down the beach and noticing the coconut trees in the seabreeze:

I like how there is a sense of peace throughout the album and depending on your state of mind, you might drift off and rediscover some magic moments in your own tranquility.

Draft SeaStars 2007 cover art

Thanks Suyin! You get a free album even though you insist on buying it. Don’t let Ivan make you pay for it ah! Just kidding. He’s too nice.

~ Adrian


~ by lekowala on January 5, 2008.

3 Responses to “Suyin’s comments”

  1. If Suyin wants to buy the album, why not? LOL
    Nah, free CD, as promised.

  2. Adrian, I asked a Malay friend and she says in the context of the review, the word “gempak” probably means “resounding”.

  3. thats it, dude

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