Barffie reviews SeaStars 2007

This must qualify as our first unsolicited review!

Adrian and I were pleasantly surprised (i.e. macho-speak for “shocked and fell off our chairs”) when we received an email from Barffie, saying she’d be reviewing our album.

I had trepidations though. She was the self-proclaimed ‘Whine Connoisseur’.

Whine + SeaStars = We’ll take a year off to recover!

So she reviewed the album and posted in her blog:

For a homebrew album, I have to say that they’ve got the main melodies down pat. They’ve got the mood all rolling. I sense no awkwardness in their instrumental execution and the sound mix was pretty decent. It was a satisfying, transporting experience that got me a little mellow at night, really.

OK, so far so good…

Then she continues:

However (here come the buts)…

Uh oh! Here it comes!

Perhaps, just perhaps, The SeaStars should consider roping in an experimental sound engineer who might add in more surprises to their tunes.

The waves in the album could have done much better with some nifty layering, maybe some hide and seek in between the different instruments. I love the whale songs from Into The Deep, but they sometimes overwhelm, instead of embracing the listener in its floatiness.

Would love to see them strip away some of the more distracting elements in tracks like Seashore Days so that the listener could focus better on the musical journey, instead of having them competing for attention all at once.

At this point, Barffie must have felt bad for us, for she added:

(Note: I hope I don’t sound too critical with the details?)

We’re crushed, Barffie. But we’ll live, LOL!

She must have anticipated that Adrian and my bruised egos need some massaging by now, so she writes:

Hanging on this note, I’d have to say that I like Stargazer quite a fair bit, as well as the later tracks like Once Upon A Star where the layering was a little more silky, and I could sense the effects being a little more intricate. One of the tracks (I forgot which one) had synthesized choir voices, which is kind of a downer, so I *ehem* have bravely volunteered my own voice for their next collaboration!

Barffie ended off by saying we have “a little more mileage than just spa or yoga music” and there’s hope for us!

Heh, I was just kidding around. 🙂

Draft SeaStars 2007 cover art

Lest anyone misreads my attempt at self-effacing humour as sarcasm, let me state unequivocally that it’s a good sign when Barffie publicly announces in her blog that she’d like to try singing for our next album.

Sure! We’re open to collaborations.

We look forward to your demo track.

Barffie’s full post, here.

~ Ivan


~ by Ivan Chew on January 4, 2008.

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