What Choon Keat thinks of SeaStars 2007

Choon Keat, who was recently nominated for one of BusinessWeek Asia’s Top 25 Young Entrepreneurs, agreed to listen to the album and he emailed me this:

I’ve listened to the music and enjoyed it. Quite good as music for working 🙂 I like the waves a lot, but the children laughing not so much


Choon Keat. I guess the kid’s laughter distracted you from analysing iPhone codes like this:

require ‘RMagick’ unless defined?(Magick)

rescue NotImplementedError
# Older versions of ImageMagick has no auto_orient!
case img.get_exif_by_entry(“Orientation”) && img[“EXIF:Orientation”]
# img[“EXIF:Orientation”] might not be ready until get_exif_by_entry() is called
when “6”
# Magick::RightTopOrientation

I understood that.

Really, I do.

I think.

Nah, I lost it. 🙂

SeaStars 2007

After he listened to the songs, Choon Keat asked if I created the songs myself (he didn’t visit the blog; I emailed him the songs) and how we intended to make the CDs (DIY or in his words, “kow-tow” to a publisher, haha).

I replied that Adrian and I worked on the album together. We started four months ago, and met twice in between. And now we’ve got an album.

About the “Music CD”… it’s really just burning the songs to a CD using our home computers, then printing a label and slapping it on the CD. I was told there are companies that charge $600 to $1000 for about 100 CDs, but Adrian and I couldn’t spend that sort of money.

OK, one home-made DIY CD for you, Choon Keat. Thanks for listening.

~ Ivan


~ by Ivan Chew on January 3, 2008.

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