Billy “Mr. ZeroTwoHero” Tan likens us to Hair Metal!

I was hesitant in asking Billy “ZeroTwoHero” (aka Mr. “52 books in 52 weeks“) to review SeaStars 2007.

Not that he finished one book each week, for every week last year (plus, it’s not just a list of 52 books but reviews too. That was amazing even for me… man, if there was a Reader of the Year award, I’d nominate him. 52 times. Serious.)

I had reservations ‘cos I knew his musical tastes aren’t the New Age music type. See, I read his blog posts like this and this one.

But I figured if anyone could be objective, it would be Billy.

If he said the album sucked, I’d respect that too.

He agreed to listen to the songs. Here’s what I extracted from his review:

The album in a nutshell – wispy synths, straightforward piano, quite emo lead guitar (sometimes bordering on hair-metal, which is a good thing), and kinda cheesy sea-related sound effects (like dolphins and waves), all very new-agey and inoffensive. Bordering, actually mostly crossing the line over to sleepytime music.

I like myself some ambient from time to time, but I think people tend more to slit their wrists to Enya more than Aphex Twin. Did that last line make any sense? I have to say though, I did kinda like the guitar overdubs in Stargazer, but that’s probably my inner 80s hair metal fan talking.

In any case, the problem I have with new age music is that it’s pretty much meant to be unobtrusive background music. So I listened to the album 3 times through and spaced out each time. I just can’t actively listen to and appreciate something that’s constantly slipping and sliding out of my conscious brain. So if that was the plan – good job, guys. I’m pretty sure there’s a market for this in the yoga or spa music business, if it exists, that is.

His blog post, here.

SeaStars 2007

Considering that Billy is a “punkrockertechnofreakdiscogrooverpostrocker at heart” and prefers something he can dance to, having him listen to the album THREE times and still giving a review… I am grateful!

Oh, I asked him what was “Hair-Metal”.

He clarified it referred to music in the ’80s — “metal bands with the big hair [like] Warrant and Whitesnake“.

Now that’s a compliment! Two of my fav bands of that era (yes Kiddos, I’m kinda old).

Thanks again, Billy!

~ Ivan


~ by Ivan Chew on January 3, 2008.

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