Betty reviews SeaStars 2007

Betty (a fellow songcrafter) emailed me her review:

I like how listening to the album calms me and makes me feel like I’m actually standing in front of the vast ocean, staring out at the horizon.

I noticed most of the songs start off with a soothing introduction and the solo instrument would enter… good that there is consistency but it can become like a “standard formula” after a few tracks.

I like the piano pieces more. Probably because the piano sounds more gentle than [the jarring sounds of] the electric guitar. But good, contrast in timbre is good 🙂

However track 7 seems to have ended abruptly.

Overall a good effort by the two of you. It’s enjoyable a listen however I’d like to suggest visuals to accompany the music as after a while my mind started drifting… sorry!

Is this a soundtrack? Cos it immediately reminded me of this album: cover
Real cool and good stuff by da man, Sting.

Thanks Ivan for sharing this project with us!

SeaStars 2007

Betty has a nice voice, and was one of the stars in the inaugural Songcraft concert.

Hey, no need to apologise for your mind drifting, Betty. We *ahem* intended for the songs to have that effect on people. 🙂

~ Ivan


~ by Ivan Chew on January 3, 2008.

One Response to “Betty reviews SeaStars 2007”

  1. Haha thanks for the “nice voice” intro there.
    Really? Then I shall term it “spa music”! ;p

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