Alice reviews SeaStars 2007

I got to know Alice when she answered the call for library@orchard citizen reporters. She was one of those whom I “ambushed” when I saw her online. She very gamely agreed to review the album:

Dolphines Galaxi has a soothing feel. But at around 1min, 1:24min, 1:34min, a new instrument was blended into the songs. Somehow, the soothing effects feels like being disrupted at those points.

Song number 2, Flowing With The Waves. The download was 8KB. So, I don’t get to listen to the music.

Into the Deep. It has a jazzy, yet old days feeling.

Song number 4, Once Upon A Star. I wanted to listen to it again, but the download was also 8KB. So, based on the memory of the first few times I heard it on the web, while downloading the rest of the songs, it is my favourite. Lively. Happy. I feel more like dancing to the rhythm.

Sea Anemone. Feels light hearted. Not as lively as song number 4.

Song number 6. Seabreeze. The first 1:30min sounds nice. But, once a certain musical instrument is added at around 1:30min, it felt like I am listening to some old chinese traditional music. Very strange feeling. This song ends up being my least favourite.

Seashore Days. It is soothing. Can just use it as background music. Maybe even during a candle light dinner.

Starfish is also soothing, but it has a light touch of lively to the feel.

Stargazer is another soothing music. Not as gently as Seashore Days.

Her post is at this link.

I was tickled at her mentioning that Seashore Days could be used during a candle light dinner, that I had to leave this comment!

SeaStars 2007

Thanks, Alice, for taking time to review the songs. Will contact you re: that free CD.

~ Ivan


~ by Ivan Chew on January 3, 2008.

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