Kevin Lim reviews SeaStars 2007

Kevin ( claims that I’ve been trying to coerce him into reviewing the album, LOL.

He didn’t give raving reviews to the songs (not that I expected him to). But he didn’t yawn at the songs and managed to sit through all 32 minutes of it, so I consider it a triumph of sorts!


I’ve listened to the entire album, from start to finish, yet feeling unaffected, not a single yawn, which is a good sign. Seastars 2007 is pleasing as an electronic album, but a little jarring at some points where the canned animal calls and children laughter brought out the cheesed off frustration in me. Sure, these distinct environmental sounds help punctuate the mood, but at times a little too much. Instead of eliminating them completely, softly cross-fade them into existence. Less is more in this case.

His full post, here.

Kevin is no stranger to the Singapore Indie music scene. Check out this video documentary that he and his Ngee Ann Poly Mass Communication classmates produced in early 1990s.

Also check out, a website (a “digital artifact”, in Kevin’s words) that he has a hand in creating during the 90s, to promote the Singapore alternative music scene.

SeaStars 2007

Thanks for taking time to give feedback on the album, Kevin. You’re a pal.

~ Ivan


~ by Ivan Chew on January 1, 2008.

One Response to “Kevin Lim reviews SeaStars 2007”

  1. Welcome. As I mentioned, it’s the journey of friendship, not the end, that is sweetest. 😉

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