Julian reviewed SeaStars 2007 and asks if we can still remain as friends

Ivan Chew - ProfileMy friend Julian messaged me that his review was up. He added: “tried to be as specific and constructive as i could

Oh boy, I’ve a feeling I needed to take a deep breathe before I read his review! And was his review detailed (as in song by song). 🙂


1. SeashoreDays… As the first track, it never really gets up to speed and thus doesn’t get me excited about the rest of the album.

2. SeaAnemone: A drum machine intro… which i really don’t have a liking for. The drums just sound too clear when blended with the rather echoey, dreamy sounding guitars.

3. Starfish: moves faster, melody follows more naturally, and doesn’t sound over-produced. It’s certainly more ‘ear-friendly’ than seashore days. There’s still something about drum machines that just doesn’t segue with the rest of the instruments.

4. IntoTheDeep: This starts off sounding like some underwater sci-fi flick, or the soundtrack to an RPG (role-playing game) that requires the hero to venture into a deep abyss to fight some badass octopuss or something. Interesting treatment, but maybe a tad indulgent.

5. FlowingWithTheWaves: is probably my favourite track. The strumming comes across with nice clarity. The electric guitar comes in later, threatening to overpower the track, but fortunately it never does overstep the line.

6. Stargazer: is the cleanest track, with just 3 guitars (i think). No percussion, no sound effects! Electric guitar makes a cameo, which i think could have been left out. i like!

7. OnceUponAstar… The song kinda gets lost after the 2 minute mark, where the various instruments seem to go off on mini-tangents of their own.

8. DolphinsGalaxia: Starts off nicely and some nice, dolphin-ish effects are sprinkled in to good effect. Tell me if i’m wrong, but after the first minute, i seem to hear strains of ’silent night’ – and it’s not because it’s the christmas season! Some very nice harmonies in this track, but once again, it almost threatens to outstay its welcome as the song kinda wanders off and doesn’t know how to end.

9. Seabreeze: is the last of the 9 songs on the album. For some reason, it feels very ‘beyond’. No, not as in ‘out there’, but remember that Chinese rock group from the 80s? Then just as i entertained that though, the er-hu starts wailing, and then the Chinese cymbals (is that what they’re called?) too. A hint of what’s the come in the next album? Well, well… you guys have certainly got me curious for more!

His blog post here.

Julian asked if we were still friends after that review.

Heh.. I’ll think about it.


SeaStars 2007

Thanks man (yes, you’re still my friend — and you’re still in our list of reviewers for our next music project).

~ Ivan


~ by Ivan Chew on December 31, 2007.

2 Responses to “Julian reviewed SeaStars 2007 and asks if we can still remain as friends”

  1. wah rao… cut n paste the whole thing so people no need to visit my blog lor. hmmph.

    (i still lub u deep deep)

  2. OK J-man:
    Happy now? lol

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