Jerron’s podcast review of SeaStars 2007

Songcrafter Jerron Lee does something unusual, that is a review via his podcast.

The podcast is 23 minutes long (‘cos he gave some of the SeaStars songs airtime). The actual review starts after the 6th minute mark. For some reason, Jerron’s podcast reminded me of some BBC “fireside chat” radio show, with a Singaporean accent!

He reviewed three songs from the album, commenting on each song before giving the songs airtime.

6″00 mins: He said liked “Seashore Days” because it was tranquil, but found the ending abrupt

10″00 mins: Another favourite song of his was “Dolphin Galaxia”. He played a recording of what I’d uttered at the Songcraft concert — I shared with the audience some ideas and inspirations behind the song.

15″30 mins: “Once Upon A Star” (no commentary for this though)

Finally he ends the show by saying it’s a new age album worth getting one’s hands on, if one likes New Age music. The show ends with him playing Singaporean’s singing talent Corrine May‘s “The Answer”.

Aww man, SeaStars just pales in contrast to Corrine May! 🙂

SeaStars 2007

Jerron may not be Jean Danker, but our appreciation is just the same!

Dude, your podcast took time and effort to produce. Incorporating the SeaStars songs was a nice touch. Although I’ve listened to our own songs hundreds of times, hearing it in a podcast is really gratifying.

Thanks so much.

~ Ivan


~ by Ivan Chew on December 31, 2007.

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