Review #2, from Lingfeng

Lingfeng, a member at Songcraft, emails us this review:

I went through the album twice. btw, how do you classify your genre of music? Some descriptive keywords I have – surreal, ambient?, instrumental?.

I find that it will be an album that will grow on you. When I did my 1st round, it was more like getting the general feel. But during the second round, I discovered the music were actually more uplifting than when I did the 1st round.
Btw, did you specially arrange the sequence of the songs? Do you have a main number (主打歌)? Which are the ones you find are the highlights? I think Dolphins Galaxia can be a main number…think it sounds more distinct/slightly different from the rest. Maybe can place it somewhere different like earlier or in the middle? Just my opinion. You might have some other reasons for the sequence you have chosen.
The last piece Seabreeze is also different – have some fusion quality to it coz I hear some oriental music in it.

ok. on the whole, I like the music. 🙂


Thanks, Lingfeng, for your kind words.

Yes, there’s a reason behind the sequence. We wanted to give the impression of a journey from the Seas to the Stars, and back again.

[update: To answer your question, we also arranged the song sequence such that it’s reflective of our collaborative journey. The songs progressively sounded more thoughtful near the end, as Adrian and I became more certain of the direction for the album. No, we don’t have a main number. But if you asked me for my favourite track, it has to be “Seabreeze”.]

Glad you enjoyed the music.

SeaStars 2007

~ Ivan


~ by Ivan Chew on December 30, 2007.

3 Responses to “Review #2, from Lingfeng”

  1. Hi Lingfeng,
    Yes, thanks for those kind words. Glad you find the album growing on you. In some ways, certain songs also appeal to me in different ways and I re-interpret them as I listen to them over again.

    You are right about Dolphins Galaxia – I have always felt that this was the underpinning philosophy in the music. It gives a certain kind of cosmic adventure and exploration. As though we’ve either gone deep in space and deep in the ocean.

    Thanks for you time again in doing the review. Have a blessed new year.

    🙂 Adrian

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