Jeremy reviews SeaStars 2007

It’s a bit daunting when you read a review that first goes “Bwahahaha“!

Here’s what Jeremy (Songcraft‘s founder) thinks of the album (ADRIAN, TAKE A DEEP BREATH ‘COS IT’S NOT PRETTY!):

Overall, I’d have to say that it seems to me like the SeaStars 2007 album does not contain enough “surprises” to keep the listener interested, and as such, there might not be enough incentive for the listener to listen through the entire album.

I would have preferred it if there were more musical surprises along the way, such as fluctuations in tempi, variations in rhythm, melody and harmony, as well as experiments in various song structures and instrumental arrangements.

I personally think that an album of 9 tracks should contain a variety of tracks to pique the listener’s interest and keep the listener wanting to listen to more. It has to give the listener the incentive to listen to and discover more tracks.

(But perhaps, it was not the intention of the composers to create “surprising-sounding” music for this album after all. Anyway, I’m just saying.)

My biggest gripe about the album is that the tempi was too slow for my liking. This is just an issue of personal preference.

I suppose the composers sought to achieve “mood pieces”, i.e. music tracks which captured the mood of the sea, which is naturally of a slower and more relaxed tempo. I can understand that.

His full review, here.

OK, I was exaggerating about the review being “not pretty”.

It’s honest, it’s diplomatic, and it’s constructive.

One can’t ask for more than that.

At the next Songcraft session, I’ll check what he means by “fluctuations in tempi, variations in rhythm, melody and harmony“.

The suggestions make sense, just that I’m not quite sure how to achieve them. Those suggestions certainly are areas that Adrian and I will have to explore subsequently. So thanks!

Jeremy’s a nice guy. While he didn’t like the music personally, he still made it a point to say some nice things about our effort. 🙂

Sure, Jeremy. You’re getting that free CD as promised!

SeaStars 2007

~ Ivan


~ by Ivan Chew on December 30, 2007.

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