First reviewer!

Thanks to Mamagori for being our first reviewer!

Extracted from her post (28 Dec 2007):

1) seashoredays was not too bad a start why did it end so abruptly?

2) seanemone is actually an offspring of seashoredays, makes sense doesnt it?..considering seashoredays was cut off way too quick…(psst..MAMA senses a conspiracy song cut off in two so that Ivan gets to churn a nine-track album..or else he can’t beat Hady’s or Taufik’s sales)

3) now, i’m not sure how seanemone is related to starfish..but MAMA still smells a genetic link here the vast world of the undersea, anemones and starfishes may hang together..but THEY ARE NOT COUSINS, I SWEAR..i did BIOLOGY AT A-LEVELS, u IVAN, could u spruce it up a little with the help of some MATs at your ang mo kio void deck? ask them to give u their EDGE..sans ECSTASY or GANJA k..

4) MAMA decides to skip commenting on into the deep and flowing with the waves coz that’s what u’ll get..flow with the waves and u’ll get into the deep and MAMA doesnt swim well..

5) BUT this is something altogether different..coz i think stargazer is NOT a sea speaks to has could possibly end up on the airwaves, possibly not BATAM airwaves where all underground INDONESIAN maids are tuning in to..but…it might possibly go on air..if i manage to get a girlfren whose sis-in-law’s husband plays soccer with HADY MIRZA each sunday (now, you female fan freaks, dont ask me where ok? even if i know, i wont tell, coz why would i want a queue)..if i can get THE hady mirza, first-asian-idol, to give some Malay Mat lyrics..and change it into his first single released after the win.. wah… IVAN.. u’ll be my next best friend!!!

Her full post here.

Adrian commented that her review was “super entertaining”.

I’m still trying to figure out if Mamagori gave us a positive or negative review. Well, she said she liked “Stargazer”. I guess the songs aren’t that bad if they can be mentioned in the same sentence as Singapore talents like Hady and Taufik.

OK, one MP3 CD coming up. 49 to go.

Good or bad reviews, we appreciate them just the same.

Thanks so much, Mamagori.

SeaStars 2007
~ Ivan


~ by Ivan Chew on December 30, 2007.

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