Firdaus reviews SeaStars 2007

My young friend, Firdaus, from Songcraft contributes his take on SeaStars 2007:

The music takes the listener on a journey of reminiscence (Seashore Days), as well as bringing forth new adventures such as discovering the wonders of the deep oceans (Into the Deep) or simply ‘Flowing with the Waves’.

Personally for me, the standout track in this album is ‘Dolphins Galaxia’, because it just seems to tell a wonderful story by itself about a group of dolphins journeying through the galaxy. But then, I have already watched the music video for this song before, so maybe I’m biased, heh..

I also liked ‘Stargazer’, with its beautiful guitar harmonies.

I have a feeling that each different individual who listens to the album would have his/her own favourite track, as the different tracks would affect each person differently.

Perhaps one tiny grouse that I may have is the heavy use of recorded ‘natural’ sounds such as waves throughout the album. I would prefer to hear the music itself do the ‘talking’ and setting up of the atmosphere.

His full post, here.

Thanks, Firdaus.

About the “heavy use of recorded sounds”, I realised that when I was engineering the tracks. So you do have a point.

Adrian and I were worked on the individual songs so I guess the sea wave recordings were OK for individual tracks. But we didn’t consider how it would all sound together as an entire album.

But in some ways, that “oversight” worked too. E.g. the sounds of rolling waves on sand gave the songs some continuity. I think. 🙂

SeaStars 2007

OK Firdaus, we’ll be in touch re: the CD. Probably pass it to you at the next Songcraft session.

~ Ivan


~ by Ivan Chew on December 30, 2007.

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