Cowboy Caleb reviews SeaStars 2007

Cowboy Caleb reviews Seastars2007 the album! Here’s what he said:

Album Review:
In a nutshell, every single track on the album has traces of the ocean tides rumbling in. I am sorely tempted to classify the album has Singapore’s first real New-Age effort. This tunes do not excite because they do not intend to do so. Instead, all the tracks on the album serve in the following scenarios

1. You wake up to the sounds of soothing SeaStar tunes, and have a great day.

2. You’re stuck in yet another traffic jam on the CTE, but that’s alright, mama because the SeaStars are calming you down.

3. The seats are reclined and your manly hands move up her lucious soft milky- white thighs. She doesn’t stop you this time because the ocean sounds of the SeaStars are fooling her female mind into thinking both of you are making out in a car parked by a beach being rocked by the gentle sounds of waves and seabreeze (your car is actually at Kentridge public carpark). Finally, you score.

Great album, I look forward to SeaStars in 2008!

The full post here

Thanks for your time Cowboy Caleb, you get a free CD from us! We appreciate you posting it on your blog too cos we know you get mega-alot of hits.

Ahem! Sooo according to Cowboy Caleb’s review, we might be the island’s first New-age effort.. now that’s music to our ears… And on top of that, we might actually solve some pressing demographic issues- how’s that for a first album!

I wonder if Jean Danker of Class 95’s Cartunes will play our songs to relieve traffic-related tension?

SeaStars 2007

– Adrian


~ by lekowala on December 30, 2007.

One Response to “Cowboy Caleb reviews SeaStars 2007”

  1. Adrian, I found the email contact for Cartunes. Let’s give ourselves a few weeks to work up enough courage before contacting them!

    Failing which we can always take up Cowboy Caleb’s 3rd idea and market the album to horny men! LOL!

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