50 CDs to give away if you help review the album

Ivan Chew - ProfileI was furiously sending this email out to friends and contacts I managed to “ambush” online today:

If you can find 30 mins during the next week or so:

1) Listen/ download to the songs from [this link (EXPIRES Jan 2008)].

Total playing time is about 32 mins. There are links for higher quality VBR MP3 files and also lower quality 64kbps ones. The link is available for 30 days only. A permanent list will be posted later, pending any changes after the reviewers comments.

2) Blog/ Email your impressions of the album. e.g. like it, don’t like, not your cup of tea, good for dieting cos makes you puke, which ones got hope and can improve etc. We’ll post all reviews w/o edits (good or bad) in our blog.

3) Blog/ Email us by 4th Jan 2008 or earlier (if you need more time, let us know).

We’ll then get in touch with you on how to pass you the MP3 CD we’re giving away for first 50 reviewers (CD will be supplied at a later date, once we get the supplies in for our home production!)


Music album – SeaStars2007.wordpress.com
Band blog – StarfishStories.wordpress.com

Yeap. Giving away CDs.

It’s the only low-budget self-publicity that I can think of.

That is, if you still want the CD after hearing the songs.


~ Ivan


~ by Ivan Chew on December 28, 2007.

3 Responses to “50 CDs to give away if you help review the album”

  1. well done dude. well, Siva once commented that even big brands like Coke and Macdonalds still have to advertise… so that means we small fries need to even more. I guess, I will go send the emails too.

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