Sound engineering is… tedious

Using the self-taught/ learn-as-I-go method, this is what I’m doing as the final stage (and I think what I’m doing is called “sound engineering”):

  1. Go through every completed track (in GarageBand)
  2. Watch and check that the volume-level stays as close to the max. (so that I get maximum volume) without “red-lining” (i.e. the speaker doesn’t buzz when volume peaks)
  3. Adjust the master track volume (I don’t want to adjust the individual track layers at this stage, for fear of messing up what already sounds OK)
  4. Rename the file version (Adrian and I agreed that we’ll give version numbers to the tracks, like how software is released… heck, this is our album and that’s how we want to do it!)
  5. Load completed tracks to my MP3 player. Play them all back to confirm that sound levels are consistent
  6. Re-adjust tracks if necessary

Three more songs to go as I blog this post.

Once Upon A Star - Sound Engineering

If the sound checks out OK, I’ll add in the item details (Title, Artist, Year, Album name etc.) using iTunes.

Then they’ll be ready to be uploaded.

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~ by Ivan Chew on December 26, 2007.

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