Adrian Loo - ProfileWell, several years back a buddy of mine said to me when I asked,”what’s the point of making music?”

“Well, as long as one person is touched by it, our music would be meaningful.”

Well, not that its not meaningful as we write it but meaningful in how an individual might relate to it.

While checking the blog stats for Seastars (yup we are incurable stat checkers), I came across a reference to our site from my rather poetic friend’s blog. Suyin was the only extant (surviving) sense of humour in our cluster of labs several years ago when all ours had gone extinct.

Here, in a post titled Sanctuary, she waxes lyrical, reminiscing about being back in Malaysia while listening to Seabreeze 1.0.

Thanks Suyin for giving that meaning to the song. Its yours… as Rabindranath said of any culture or form he appreciated. Ivan and I are totally delighted.

~ Adrian


~ by lekowala on December 26, 2007.

One Response to “Sanctuary”

  1. It was unexpected to read someone appreciating the music. I mean, you hope some one out there does. And even blogs about it! But when I read it, it still blew me away. Oh, Suyin replied in her post that she “can’t wait to buy the album”. Is she kidding??? Let’s give her a free copy!!!

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