Music videos for library@orchard

My library@orchard colleagues needed some music videos for the farewell party for the library (held last month). These two songs from the album seemed suitable, so I used them as the background tracks.

1) Adrian’s “Flowing with the Waves“, in “Love Notes to library@orchard


2) “Stargazer 1.2“, in “Tribute to the library@orchard Citizen Reporters

Some of colleagues said they felt touched after watching the videos. Part of the reason might be the emotions that swelled in the last days of the library@orchard. But if you turn off the sound when watching the video, it isn’t as impactful.

One thing I learned was that no one really paid attention to the music in the video, unless the music was really fantastic. People tend to remember what they “see” rather than what they “hear”. It’s often the visual element that captures one’s attention.

But it was gratifying for Adrian and myself to have our music featured.

We felt useful 🙂

Ivan Chew - Profile~ Ivan


~ by Ivan Chew on December 26, 2007.

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