“Zo Gang” (做工) – a short film by Singaporean Jacen Tan

Hmm… Could we interest one or two Singaporean filmmakers to use our music in their films? 🙂

I love the snare & cymbal at the beginning and end of the film. I was laughing out loud at the 1″30 sec mark (I won’t give it away by telling you what it was), and at several other scenes (the “explosion” scene, and the “long-cut-no-dialogue” scene).

This short film (see Hosaywood.com), by Jacen Tan, starts with a warning: “This is a Singaporean film with no budget and no stars. It is only 9 minutes long.”

The end credit says: “This short film shot on video is dedicated to everyone in the Singapore Arts Scene: Filmmakers. Musicians and Lawyers.”

So Adrian, how long you think we’d take to get a Biologist and a Librarian listed in film credits for Singaporean films someday?


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~ by Ivan Chew on December 25, 2007.

2 Responses to ““Zo Gang” (做工) – a short film by Singaporean Jacen Tan”

  1. Nice film. I enjoyed it.

    What he says is quite true. There’s a lot of prejudice against local movies (and local art in general, including music). I’ve heard it many times, people saying local films/music “got no standard”. Support for our local arts here in S’pore is rather miserable.

    My favourite part was the cameo by Patrick Chng playing in the mrt station, and how the narrator says “we always look down on ourselves”, and we always think we’re lousier than others (especially when it comes to the arts). But if it’s foreign, we will go crazy over it.

  2. I feel the negative perception is slowly changing. But the support isn’t as strong as it can be. Maybe there’s an unwillingness by Singaporeans to pay for “Made In Singapore”. There’s pockets of fans for Singapore musicians, filmmakers (and lawyers lol) but these are very small numbers. Also, what may be considered good by some may not be someone else’s cup of tea. I don’t believe in supporting Singapore Music/ Film for its sake, but I’d willingly do so if I find something that is to my taste.

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