Band Name – “Sardines on Vacation”

Adrian Loo - Profile
~ Adrian

“Sardines on Vacation”

me: sardines on vacation
heck, its a title of a book

Ivan: “Sardines On Vacation” is good!

me: I like the word vacation
Sardines is about swimming around.
vacation and those sardines swimming
around give a sense of freedom

Ivan: sardines is about swimming around?
it’s about being caught, canned, and eaten!
but then, maybe that’s what we want for the
album — to be caught and consumed

(some parts of the post have been edited cos we said some silly things)

Then again “Ivan and Adrian” sounds pretty ok too.

But finding identity can be interesting too, not totally fun but interesting.


~ by lekowala on December 22, 2007.

One Response to “Band Name – “Sardines on Vacation””

  1. Adrian, you asked a good question (in a separate email): “Do we need a band name?”

    Well for me, it’s more to be able to retain individual authorship of songs (in cases where the song has only one of us composing it), and also feature the songs as a group (example, you may not have composed or performed the song but you’ve provided creative inputs and we’ve worked on the song as a team).

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