Seabreeze 1.3.

Ivan Chew - ProfileHere’s the mashed-up version of Adrian’s initial composition. It’s one of my favourite songs in the album now (btw, I skipped version 1.2. in naming this track, somewhat due to my numbering mistake, but seems there will be a 1.2. afterall — as explained at the end of the post):

As I commented at the earlier post, I thought this was a solid track. Then when Adrian and I met for our 2nd meeting to engineer some tracks, we agreed to remove the 2nd lead part and keep the first.

Listen to version 1.0.:

This wasn’t an easy track to mash-up. When I tried to add my leads (either as accompaniment or to create a 2nd stanza) all my leads sounded weak. Something wasn’t quite right.

Then a few days ago, I decided to buy the World Music Jam Pack.
The Apple Store (U.S.) - GarageBand Jam Pack: World Music

I got the package yesterday (Adrian bought it for me but I paid him — in case his wife is reading this!), installed it, tried a few new software instrument features… and things fell into place.

Adrian suggested incorporating the Sitar (which I did, as a subtle backing to parts of the song at the beginning and to close the song).

Then I discovered that the Erhu in the jam pack. For some reason, it just sounded right with this song, along with the sitar. I also added some cymbals and gong effects (the kind you hear from traditional Beijing opera).

Originally, Adrian used the “Classic Rock” guitar effect for his lead. I experimented with a few of my customised electric leads just to see how the sound turned out. In the end, I had three layers I was happy with — a lead that didn’t jar the listener. I thought the lead should sound full but also come in gently, like the breeze.

I’ve also kept Adrian’s original synth effects, and the waves and gulls “nature sounds”. But I reduced the number of times they occurred in the song, as I thought the original had a bit too much of them all over and became distracting.

Adrian heard the song today. Said some of the “original feel” was lost (I think that’s true, ‘cos the sitar and Erhu gave the song a different character altogether).

But he quickly clarified that version 1.3. was better overall.

I suggested to him that we could do two versions of Seabreeze for the album — they would be at the start and at the end of the track list, sort of like a “closing the loop” thingy.

So we’ll have a “version 1.2.” after all.

~ Ivan


~ by Ivan Chew on December 21, 2007.

6 Responses to “Seabreeze 1.3.”

  1. I believe that music can heal people and make life happier.. I am very happy to know Ivan who always let me to hear the songs he produces with passoin and effort with his never ending practises which is very touching whenever I listen his music and also I could feel his effort… Sepecially I like song for December use special instrument like Sitar and Erhu combine the song better with sounds.. GUYS well done ^^

  2. Glad you enjoy the music, Kyara. For the songs in SeaStars, credit also goes to Adrian. It’s really a joint effort. Thanks for listening! 🙂

  3. Hi Ivan, I really like 1.3 – it’s very soothing and evocative. Thanks for sharing your music and keep it up!

  4. I share the beautiful song with Andrew Green who lives in Australia.. This is the message he sent to me.. (Kyara Kim)

    Hey, nice song. Reminds me of good tropical diving vacation, with Asian influence!

  5. […] version 1 [Update 23 Dec 07: Version 1.3 here] “Seabreeze version 1″ Listen/ download at […]

  6. Ivan, the Erhu was really a good move and the playing was smooth. It makes sense to put that in; it adds to the overall mood of the song.

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