We’ve been busy engineering the tracks

Ivan sound engineering.jpg

Okay, Ivan’s been busy engineering the tracks. I have been just pesky.


Here’s our email exchange on the Starfish track he sound engineered to marked improvements.

Ivan: I think you might have better ideas on how to improve this.
Anyway, I tried not to drown out your original tune and rhythm for this. But there’s quite a bit of repetition on the guitars so I decided to provide additional instruments. See if it works.
p.s damn it, this is getting addictive! better not be late for work. lol

Adrian: Dude, I love what you did with Starfish. It really captures the starfish walking… and the kids laughter… that’s genius! where did you get the idea to do that?

Heck.. dont go to work lah. ha ha ha (kids, I was only kidding on this one)

Ivan: Good to know it’s got your OK. I was listening to it on the train and our SeaStars track are taking shape nicely. I listened to them over and over again and didn’t have time to read my book 🙂 If you rejected it, I was wondering what I could convince you otherwise. Looks like I don’t have to, LOL.

The inspiration for the child’ laughter came from the background noise of your recording. You said your kids playing in the corridor was recorded along with the track. Then I remembered how your “seashore days” was about the more innocent days as a child. Starfish had that quality. I was imagining a child encountering a starfish while at the shore.

Starfish was a bit harder to engineer and I spent a bit of time experimenting. The track was quite repetitive but I didn’t want to add an electric lead. It sounded like it needed something clean. So in the end, I decided some soft ambient synth in the 2nd and 3rd stanzas would work. And the flute & piano part hopefully gave the song a “voice” w/o losing what I thought the rhythm was trying to convey.

hey, go blog this! put your MarsEdit to good use!

p.s. will work on the last track — SeaBreeze

As you can see, Ivan’s really been hard at work and now he’s almost done with the sound engineering. The sound engineering involves what he refers to as micro-adjustments and adding additional instrumental backups – very nuanced process. But the difference is oftentimes significant. Mostly, each track is not only clearer but they come together more neatly too. He’s done such a good job on each song and so open to my opinions that there’s little need to redo tracks. Most of the changes appeal to me. So I can’t wait till we release it finally. Its been great working on the album.

~ Adrian
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  1. Hey Adrian, I resized the photos downwards. My ugly mugshots were getting to me. LOL

  2. Eh, how you resize also look the same… ha ha ha ha

  3. … %&^#&%^*!!


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