Seabreeze version 1

[Update 23 Dec 07: Version 1.3 here]

“Seabreeze version 1”

Listen/ download at ARCHIVE.ORG

Adrian Loo - ProfileIts been breezy these days and when I stare out the window at the trees, I can hear the leaves rustling in the wind and see the branches blown about in the wind. Its nice the breeze, its power can only be seen when something else moves. Reminds me of a Tagore reflection as he watched the “wayang kulit” in Java.

“It is only when the Creator, who abides in the region of light, conceals himself, that we see his Creation…There are seekers of truth that would tear away the screen and go over to the lighted side – that is they want to see the Creator separate from his creation – and nothing can be so empty as the maya [illusion, the material world, physical or phenomenal nature] of their illusion. That is what I felt as I looked at this show [Wayang Kulit].” From Letters from Java 1927 in “Rabindranath Tagore, An Anthology, Krishna Dutta and Andrew Robinson (1997)”

I guess its like the breeze, can’t really see it but its there.

So today we were off to the beach along the Changi boardwalk where I took a video of coconut leaves blowing in the wind. It was mesmerizing. Here’s the song that accompanies that video. I tried to capture as much of a feeling of the wind in the guitar lead…

Turn the volume off the youtube video and listen to the music…

In memory of the Dragon boaters…


~ by lekowala on December 4, 2007.

3 Responses to “Seabreeze version 1”

  1. Another nice one from you, Adrian.

    Nice start to the song. I felt a Satriani moment when I heard it. The rhythm part is excellent.

    The lead started well, but timing sounded a bit off at some parts. After listening to it some more, i think the lead could be revised. It tended to drown out the rhythm (which I thought was the stronger part of the track). Anyway, we met yesterday and agreed to keep the initial lead melody and cut the 2nd lead out. That would definitely work.

    It’s a very soothing track… goosebumpy in fact! Quite solid.

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