Music of Reuben Kee, 1984 – 2007

I first learned about this young man’s music from Jean’s blog post.

singapore4Reuben Kee was one of the five dragon boaters who died in the accident. See articles from The Straits Times and Channelnewsasia (the Facebook group mentioned in the ST article can be found here).

He’s a talented musician as well.

I liked what I heard.


Wonder if the site would be maintained. If not, his music ought to be hosted in a service like
[UPDATE: I’ve emailed the owner of the Facebook group — presumably one of Reuben’s close friend — with pointers on saving his music on]

In an email to some of my friends, I wrote that it’s sad that his talents weren’t recognised until his death. But I realised I was very wrong to have written that.

Reuben Kee’s musical talent was probably widely recognised among his friends. And I’m sure he’s delighted people with his compositions.

And in death, his music still delights.

The music lives on, if not the memory of the musician.


I’m glad Adrian and I are doing this music album.

Gaining fame and fortune — those are the least of our objectives.

Creating happiness is.

~ Ivan


~ by Ivan Chew on December 2, 2007.

2 Responses to “Music of Reuben Kee, 1984 – 2007”

  1. whenever you come back…would you look into trying to find more of his music if you lost most of them let me know I have 25 tracks if you guys are going to make a compilation of his musical works…I am also his fan even though i never had a chance to speak to him…Sincerelly NavisDream.

  2. Hello Robert. Wow, Adrian & I wish we had a fan like you! 🙂

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