Stargazer 1.2

Ivan Chew - ProfileThis is Stargazer 1.2.

“Stargazer 1.2”
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(listen to version 1.0 here)

Adrian sent me an email at 2am. The email started with the words “Here’s a song for you to complete”.

Coincidentally, I woke up really early today.

At 4am.

So I checked my emails as I listened to Adrian’s Stargazer (btw, Adrian generously listed me as the co-composer to Stargazer, even though I didn’t do anything yet).

Stargazer sounded almost complete to me. I liked the chord progression of majors and minor chords.

At 4am, the world seemed at peace.

The early morning air was cool. I was well rested. Stargazer sounded calm, and there were moments in the track where it was gave me that tingly feeling.

A Perfect Moment.

I immediately stopped checking my emails. Went over to where I stored my cables and connectors. Plugged in my guitar to the Mac and fired up GarageBand. Downloaded Stargazer and imported into GarageBand.

And started jamming.

Jamming wasn’t the right word to use.

It was more like, meditating with music.

It was almost effortless coming up with the melody for the lead. I spent about 3 hours (from 4am to about 7am) refining the melodies, trying to achieve some measure of “perfection” with my playing, and then sound engineering the track.

No drums, and no fancy additional backing instruments.

Adrian’s track had several layers of rhythm guitars and a bass.

To me, it was like a painted canvas. I just put on the highlights of what was already on the painting.

I took the song title literally and imagined gazing at the stars. Reaching for it.

And touching one.

It was a dead fish that inspired Adrian to come up with this track. But my reading of his post was that he’s suggesting that we cherish the HERE and NOW. Unlike the dead fish, it’s not too late for us (obviously, ‘cos you’re reading this).

Perhaps that’s why I decided to complete Stargazer 1.2, rather than wait till later.

I’m happy with my contribution to this track. I’ve tried to reinforce a sense of calm by using a clean and uncomplicated lead. Initially I didn’t want to have any distortion lead effects but after trying out the electric lead, it sounded right to me.

I hope Stargazer 1.2 conveys a sense of peace. There’s power beneath that calm. Not a destructive kind of power, but one that focuses on the Here and Now.

One that is full of confidence and hope.

One that says, “Don’t wait till you’re a dead fish; go gaze at the stars — pursue your dreams.”

~ Ivan


~ by Ivan Chew on November 29, 2007.

4 Responses to “Stargazer 1.2”

  1. I must have listened to it about 30 times! Its still going on repeat. Its so enjoyable. Okay here are my comments. But first, I must say that your post on it was a good read. Makes me want to drop everything and pursue my dreams…except I am already, ha ha ha ha..

    12-45s – i like this beginning part. Its nice, raw and clean. It really introduces the song very well .

    44s- nice second lead

    56s- high note was really excellent.

    I min 22s – another punctuation

    1min15s-1min26s: nice oriental feel. Its got this nice xinyao kind of feel to it.

    1min26s: counter lead was great. nice build up to the lead that was coming.

    1min38s:- – wahhhhh blew me away. It was out of the blue man. It just appeared like a gust of wind and then swept me away. I didn’t know music could be so moving to the soul (maybe got to do with the fact that I composed part of it so got some kind of emotional involvement?). Then it left as precipitously as it appeared. But I tell you the lead was angsty man. It speaks to me dude. When I was writing the song, I didn’t feel calm even though I played the song to calm my own nerves actually. So it was only befitting that the energy was made tangible with the amazing lead. The lead conjures up an image of someone who is standing at the edge of the breakwater, facing the open ocean and screaming into the wind kind. And all the emotions and confusion sort of goes away for a while and then slowly seeps back into one’s mind, but nevertheless providing some respite….

    2min06s-2min08s:the scaling in the lead was like Les Paul kind of thing. I like the way you didn’t drown out that jangly guitar bit during the lead. Good job on the sound engineering

    2min15s – the sustain and slide off to end the lead was well placed man, just so satisfying to listen.

    (There were some punctuations in the sound at 12s, 39s and I min 22s. It sounded like the jack came loose or something like that… hope that can be rectified)

    Overall, I must say this was an excellent piece of work. Its like you poured out your soul into it man. I think you liberated something through that song. I just love the guitar lead lah. Its got so much in it.

  2. Thanks Adrian! I think it had to do with the timing of when I heard the song. I mean, at 4am, maybe my head was clearer… 🙂 As I said, the song sounded complete to me. I merely put the finishing touches.

    OK, I’ll look into where I can remove the ‘punctuated’ sounds. I know what you mean. It has to do with the editing of the tracks.

  3. i love this…thinking what heart-wrenching lyrics will go wif this…mmmm

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