SeaStars 2007 Album cover art

Ivan Chew - ProfileThere are so many nice people who blog.

Like Priscilla Tan, whom I knew only after we read each other’s blogs and corresponded. She introduced me to her beau, Jonathan Roberts, who’s a talented artist currently working in Singapore.

I draw a bit myself, so I was interested in Jon’s artwork (this is one of my favourite of Jon’s pieces).

Somehow I ended up asking Jon (via Facebook) if he could do an album cover for SeaStars 2007. The only thing I could give him in return was a CD of the completed album.

I half-expected him to ignore my message but was more than pleasantly surprised when he said OK. Even asked me for ideas to go into the cover.

That was about two months back. He said his schedule was clear only in November, and if that would be alright. Of course it was alright.

So November came, and I wondered if Jon would remember. Cool bloke that he is, he took the initiative to message me in Facebook. And I just learned that he’s still busy, yet he’s taking time to do this.

Well if Jon is reading this post, I state again — you can drop this project if you don’t have the time. It shouldn’t inconvenient you (ah, but I figured you’re a big boy and know what you’re getting yourself into, LOL). Worse case I can always cajole Adrian into using this as the cover art!
Hand on Star

I think Adrian and I have to give Jon two CDs. At least.

And if either one of us were a woman, we’d have to give Jon a kiss.

But then Priscilla would be jealous.

Lucky thing we can save the kiss.

~ Ivan


~ by Ivan Chew on November 25, 2007.

2 Responses to “SeaStars 2007 Album cover art”

  1. aaww… so nice of you to blog about us. 🙂 I didn’t do a single thing. I am just introducing you both and then wait to collect my CD!!! 🙂

  2. […] this fella (who’s doing this pro-bono for us) is THAT […]

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