Flowing with the waves…now with thunder

“Flowing with the Waves1.2”
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Adrian Loo - Profile Here’s a reworking of Flowing with the Waves. I have replaced the rather out of time lead at the beginning with an acoustic lead. Left the other 2 leads alone as I felt they were okay. Also November didn’t mind the 2nd lead and Ivan liked the 3rd part.

I have made the strumming more obvious cos Ivan thought it might be better to highlight it as it gave the song a clear beat and rhythm. Also this time I put in thunder… mua ha ha.. this is to give more power to the song which is basically about flowing emotions like the waves, strong and underlying and overpowering.

Please comment. I think comments are useful for us as in this case. The ego no doubt takes a beating but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and we become better artists for it. I am happy with the changes I made based on November’s (our defacto manager) and Ivan’s comments.


~ by lekowala on November 4, 2007.

2 Responses to “Flowing with the waves…now with thunder”

  1. Hi Adrian, I listened to both versions. Comments & suggestions (final call is yours!):

    1) Both version worked for me! As if they told the same story but approached it in a different way. This acoustic lead version builds to a crescendo. The original version starts with a deep thoughtful sense of power. Final verdict (after listening to both versions) — I’d choose this version (v1.2) over the first.

    2) Good idea with the Thunder effect. But seemed overused and dilutes its impact. It should come in later, and used sparingly. How about coming in only around the 45 sec mark. Then louder, at the 1″40 min mark. Then final one at around 2″10 min, when the lead fades out.

    3) I’d try raising the volume of the lead, just a tad.

    4) Heard some synth effect at the beginning. Nice touch! Keep that!!!

    5) I like the ending with the acoustic guitar. Less abrupt than the original. But notice the acoustic lead stopped abruptly at the 3″00 min mark. Do a fade out instead.

    7) Also do fade out with the waves & crickets (from 3″00 min to 3″ 07 min, there’s plenty of time to do a nice gradual fade).

    OVERALL VERDICT: I like!!!

  2. Alrighty!!! Thanks for the point by point analysis. It took me awhile to do the acoustic leads. I used the looping thing in GarageBand and did about 20 overtakes and finally settled on one that I liked the most cos there was some gliding guitar fingering that came about by accident. The sound was smooth so decided to put that in. Gee, time to work on the other song/s. We are about there for the number of songs.

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