Busy busy busy!

Ivan Chew - ProfileWhat’s new right? Things have been rather hectic for me at work recently. Partly because I’d to finish up some presentations (for a workshop, and for this briefing).

Also, because I’ve been trying to clear some office work (at home, unfortunately) before I go for a two-week vacation. I told Adrian I’d be giving him a two-week break because of that. He replied “YAY!” lol

I was glad I made time to attend the Songcraft meetup. As always, Jeremy (the guy who runs Songcraft) has posted a comprehensive review of the session. I shared the Dolphins Galaxia music video at that session. Jeremy switched off the lights in the room while I played the music video on my laptop, to great effect. Glad that they liked the video.

Having an audience is a bonus. Receiving compliments is a bonus with a cherry on top.

A support group like Songcraft is one reason that keeps me motivated with this music and stuff.

~ Ivan


~ by Ivan Chew on November 1, 2007.

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