Real sea anemones

Okay these are real sea anemones. Every year we bring students to a rocky shore and get them to look at marine life. They enjoy it very much and so do other teachers. I saw one of my colleagues really getting into the business of peering into rock pools and asked.. “eh, second childhood ah?” and to that he replied, “actually, I didn’t get to do this in my childhood…” so I thought that was noteworthy.

They are beautiful aren’t they? These can be found in Singapore and probably the joy of meeting one eludes most of us, which is a sad thing cos we all have biophilia or a love of life, other creatures, that is, according to E.O. Wilson, a great biologist. So every year, the students and us get to spend about 3 hours in the sun, losing all sense of time, exploring the shallow pools left by the receding tide. Now, that’s a Seashore days moment.

Sea anemone
this one’s about 60 cm across.

sea anemone with buildings in background
side view of the sea anemone which incidentally, is not much different from a jellyfish..


~ by lekowala on October 28, 2007.

3 Responses to “Real sea anemones”

  1. Hmm… I’m too used to seeing those sea anemones from Nat Geo channel. Frankly I wouldn’t have recognised these as sea anemones. OK, now I know!

  2. forget about nat geo! ivan you should come on one of our shore trips! check out the sea anemones in our own backyards 😀

  3. were is that?

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