Music video: “Dolphins Galaxia”

Took me a few days. I enjoyed putting this together. Hope you like it too.

Ivan Chew - ProfileAfter the “Dolphins Galaxia” song was done, I chanced on one or two videos with scenes that reminded me of what I was trying to express in the song, i.e. where dolphins could one day reach the stars and explore the galaxy with humans. So I decided to experiment to see if I could piece a music video together.

I’ve tried to weave a story in the video (it’s pure fiction; I’m not trying to be scientific here):

A star, from the seas of space, falls onto earth and encounters intelligent life–the dolphins–in the oceans. Then the star carries the dolphins to space, flowing along the ebbs of space and time. Eventually the star returns to earth again.

A special mention to BlueVoice.Org, for their work in promoting awareness about Dolphins, whales and ocean environmental issues. Please visit their website at

I spent many hours searching for videos with suitable scenes. I tried searching for those with clear Creative Commons licenses first. In the end the most suitable ones from YouTube. In deciding to use the video excerpts, I’ve considered the guidelines regarding copyright and “fair use” (see Youtube page on Copyright Tips).

I do not, and will not, make money from this video.

I’ve written to the video owners where contacts were stated. If you feel your copyright has been infringed, please contact me immediately. Thank You.

Credits/ Sources, in order of appearance (all are video sources, unless otherwise indicated):

~ by Ivan Chew on October 27, 2007.

12 Responses to “Music video: “Dolphins Galaxia””

  1. nice one man. the timing is good and all the scenes well-picked. I think this must be the nicest song in the album. My wife says your music is nicer than mine… darn. So I am pretty gutted but I must say there is some truth in that.

  2. Thanks, friend. Oh, please ignore what your wife says. LOL!

  3. ok, after some severe and intense questioning, she would like to change that statement and she actually means to say that my music is just as nice… ha ha ha… just that mine sounds like slow rock… very 90s and like Scorpions……

  4. Nice 🙂

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  10. Cool Video!

  11. I love the music video! IS the dolphins your own footage? I often get into a long music video marathon on the web site. Is yours on their?

    • Hello Kim! Thanks for your comment. I’m glad you liked the video. None of the footage are mine. The sources are indicated in the credits in the blog post. I don’t think my video is on Thanks for the tip though. Seems like a very cool resource.

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