May you find some comfort here

Adrian has been busy these few days. He said he’s not been working on any song. It’s the examinations period. He’s busy doing whatever teachers do during this time.

I’ve been sicked for last few days. Finally caved in (figuratively speaking) this morning and had to make a trip to see the doctor. At first I thought I could use the unexpected rest to work on some new songs, but the medicine knocked me out for the better part of the day. Didn’t help when thoughts of work has been nagging at me too. I try my best to make sure personal time equals personal time, but well…

So I woke up with much of the day gone. And now I feel rather morose for not having been productive today.

Checked the SeaStars blog stats and got even more depressed.
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Perhaps it was the general moodiness I already had. Made me wonder if all the work on the music was worth anything.

But then I found myself at this blog post, listening to one of my favourite singer, Sarah McLachlan performing her song “Angel“:

I remember this song from years back. I have the CD (it was those days when portable CD players were the rage and MP3 players were unheard of). Listening to it now, it still gives me goosebumps. The nice tingly type.

I felt uplifted.

DK posted lyrics to “Angel”. I read them.

I thought about my efforts at creating music.

About the seven views at SeaStars.

These lines from the song grabbed at me: “Spend all your time waiting/ For that second chance”.

Yeah, SeaStars is Adrian and my attempt at doing something — because we love what we do and because we can. Rather than wait till our dotage and lament about why we didn’t do it.

I continued reading “Angel” and found my eyes on the last line: “May you find some comfort here”.


Adrian would agree with me that’s another reason why we unabashedly post our amateur music and embark on an online music album project.

We hope those who listen to the songs at SeaStars find some comfort in them.

If not, then at the very least, at least I know my songs are written based on what I like. I do find some comfort in them.

That’s all the reason I need.

~ Ivan
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~ by Ivan Chew on October 24, 2007.

4 Responses to “May you find some comfort here”

  1. hey, as long as you feel happy and good doing your music, that’s all that matters. if you have lotsa fans, etc etc then its a bonus. that’s what i feel… unless of course you’re a recording artiste and you owe your label money, haha!

  2. Hi Ivan, hope you get well soon.

    No need to feel down over the blog stats. Besides, this being a blog about the process of creating an album, I don’t think people would necessarily check back every day also (maybe once in a few days perhaps?). I think what’s more important is the official release of your album, and I think that’s when most people would be interested to hear the finished product in its entirety.

    Another point I would like to make is similar to Firdaus’s – At the end of the day, as long as you feel great making your own original music, with blood sweat and tears thrown into every note, then that’s all that really matters. If people hear your album and love it, and there’s a connection to your music, then that would be fantastic! If not, then hey, I’m sure you and Adrian would still have benefitted greatly from the experience of creating the SeaStars 2007 album.

  3. oh dear! please do not feel discouraged by mere numbers. however i must apologize for being a lousy fanclub manager these last weeks. I’ve been busy teaching and now rushing assignments. No time to do anything but I’m still a big fan and I cannot wait for the album to be complete. Like what jeremy said, we cannot expect people to check the blog everyday though. I do enjoy twitterfeed that automatically tells subscribers when a new post is published. you can do that on your ramblinglib twitter account. that will remind me to check the blog. heh i don’t even have time to check my RSS reader these days. twitter and facebook is my #1 source of everything 😛

  4. Thanks for the encouragement folks!

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