Dolphins Galaxia

“Dolphins Galaxia”
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Ivan Chew - ProfileThe title is a giveaway that dolphins are involved. I’ve tried to give a sense of the playfulness and intelligence of dolphins, but also one that conveys power. Where dolphins could one day reach the stars and explore the galaxy with humans.

I had David Brin‘s Startide Rising in mind, which I read when I was much younger. While I can’t recall the plot off-hand, I remember vividly about starships crewed by Uplifted dolphins. [book cover image source:]

MilkyWay — Originally uploaded by gazdg

dolphin’s dance — Originally uploaded by kalandrakas

It’s another complex song in terms of mixing and arrangement.

Started this song on 15 Sept ’07. I was hitting some notes on my digital piano. Sounded nice, so I recorded it down and added drums, background sound effects, and a sample of a dolphin making some chirping/ clipping sounds I found at Then I emailed the sample track to Adrian for comments. He liked it, so I decided to work on it for the album.

Here’s the original sample track, which eventually expanded to what you hear above.

“TEST 1 – Dolphins Galaxia”

~ by Ivan Chew on October 20, 2007.

9 Responses to “Dolphins Galaxia”

  1. this is a really pretty song! its amazing how the guitar sounds just like dolphins 🙂

  2. Thanks! No one’s called my song “pretty” before. Glad you enjoyed it.

  3. Nice piece there and I must say your mixing has improved. The dolphin I remembered in movies is the one in Johnny Mnemonic which could communicate with Keanu Reeves’ character.

  4. somehow i hear strains of ‘silent night’ in this! but, yea… it’s pretty. 🙂 it builds up real nicely, but somewhere in between the start and end, things seem to go off on a slight tangent. – mini guitar solo? :p

  5. hey like I said before, love the chord progression. The addition of the guitar dolphin tracks is awesome. Love it even more! Keep it up!

  6. Hey Ivan, some time ago, I bought a $2 music CD from Daiso at IMM. The tracks had a dolphin theme too. But the music was not half as good as yours. (I am quite sure that the price of the CD had nothing to do with it.)

    When are you cutting your own album… and giving me a free copy? 😛

  7. Hi Victor, it’s an online music album. If you leave more compliments, maybe I’ll burn you a disc! Thanks for listening to the music. Glad you enjoyed it.

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