Flowing with the Waves…

“Flowing with the Waves”
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Adrian Loo - ProfileThis was formerly called Shimmering Reflections by the Sea. I was speaking to Ivan about the inspiration for Shimmering Reflections and how when I wrote the song for that, I realised after many tracks the guitar tune was slightly flat… gee I could have tuned it before starting!! Over the last two weeks I tried ways and means to complete that song but somehow it just didn’t work out, so it was really back to the starting board and the feeling was terrible cos I had to rework the feeling and spirit of the song. It was good to go to the beach and discuss that out with Ivan.

So when I spoke to Ivan over dinner at East Coast Park, he suggested a name change. So here it is now called Flowing with the Waves. He was spot on with the word “flowing”. The word reflections seemed superficial so flowing had a more powerful tone and nuance which befits the emotions that the song tries to convey. Well, this song is on a positive note but yet its about more or less strong emotions that we sometimes feel. And its also about letting them free a bit. Its a bit more emotive and stronger than its predecessor but I am happier with this version. Also this doesn’t have any percussion instruments or drums – I am letting the waves dictate the rhythm of the music.

The chords and strumming were already done last week and it was a matter of putting some more tracks.

This time I added the following tracks:
1. The bass guitar which is super essential
2. A high 3 note strumming (jangling guitar) on the Ovation
3. The sound of Waves we recorded at East Coast Park Beach
4. The sound of Crickets also recorded at East Coast Park Beach
5. A guitar on overdrive and plucked on 2-3 strings that served as a background with a bit of jangling rhythm to give the chords some backing
6. Some synthesizer notes to give some ambient feel to the song. You can’t really hear it but it makes a difference. You might be able to catch it after all the guitar leads and just before the lone guitar strumming with the waves and crickets in the background.
7. 4 lead guitar tracks. The first was the main lead and the second was the seconds to that. I like to have 2 leads at different pitch, really gives a whole new dimension to the solos. I duplicated the 2 leads and panned them left and right to give more surround.

Phew, I am glad I finished this song. But I think it can be improved with Ivan’s super skills on the mixing and perhaps anyone else’s suggestions. This version is pretty raw so please do add comments.


~ by lekowala on October 15, 2007.

7 Responses to “Flowing with the Waves…”

  1. Ah, I was wondering why I’d get to hear it. OK, I listened to it about five times, and another three times with the earphones (they allow me to tune in to different parts of the song).

    It’s funny (OK, maybe not)… it sounded better with earphones than playing via the computer speakers. Maybe the layering sounded better.

    Here’s what I think (take it with a pinch of salt, but you know that already):

    1) There’s an uplifting feel conveyed by the rhythm guitar. I like the sharp and clear notes. I’d raise the volume of the clean guitar notes, maybe pan them (why? maybe to offset the heavy lead… I dunno, I’m just winging it!). As always, your rhythms are so very different from what I can come up with. Better than what I can produce. But I’d want to hear more of it. The lead

    2) You combined the sound recordings of the waves and the crickets! nice (Have you considered starting the track with the crickets, then fading in the waves?). Consider a slight fade in for the waves. Unless you intend to convey that sudden rush of waves.

    3) The lead came in at 0″15mins, and started off sounding with potential. I liked the melody. But I think the timing was a bit off and got a bit messy after that. But with some tweaking of your GarageBand tracks, that can be easily rectified.

    4) When I first heard the song (via computer speakers), I wasn’t able to tell which were the distinct parts… maybe the chord progression got drowned out by the lead. But when I heard with the earphones, it sounded better. Could tell which were the chorus and which were the verses. I’m even more convinced the rhythm section should be up

    5) I’d also try using slight variation in guitar effects for the chorus-lead and the verse-lead. Unless we play like Satriani, where the notes-per-beat is very discernible, then we need to resort to guitar effects, heh.

    6) The part from 0″15mins to 0″30mins ought to be used to close off the song. At least that’s how I’d do it. Otherwise to me, there’s no “closure” and the lead is left hanging.

    7) For some reason I liked how the guitar sounded at 1’38mins. Like a bunch of guitar voices combined to make a chorus. But as I said, I’d review the lead melody to give it a more “sticky” factor. Maybe repeat the chorus-lead at the end, to reinforce that you’re ending the song on a high and positive note.

    OK as always, just my 2-cents for you to think about. It’s your song! 🙂

  2. Oh Oh, I know what can help the listener tell where are the parts of the song… use string accompaniment or something, e.g. for the chorus.

    Know what? It definitely sounded better with earphones. And the song grew on me. I could feel the “release” that you want to convey. Really. Hmm…. My earlier comments still stand but they are more like a dump of ideas and suggestions. Listening with the earphones, I can hear the energy in the song. You did a good job with the mixing of the lead. I can tell there’s work done with the layers. What we need to do is to bring them up (‘cos no offence but I don’t think others will listen to it over and over for 20+ times like me, lol)

    Overall “Flowing With The Waves” sounds complete. Seems to me what’s needed is really some sound engineering and additional accompaniment to highlight the verses and chorus.

  3. Yah agreed, the timing on some parts quite jarring… perhaps a bit nervous when I recorded it. But with the 10th take I decided to let go abit and jam out the song. So a bit of sliding up and down the fretboard. So it’s gonna take quite a bit of tweaking with the GB to get it right…

  4. i like the rift from 00:53 – 1:30 but then i agree that this piece’s timing is a bit loose and unstructured and can sound a little uncomfortable by the jarring timing

  5. yes maam! Thanks for the comments, it will be helpful when we remix this song

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