Notes on “Sea Anemone II”: Edits and sound-engineering

Sea Anemone II - GB screenshot with annotations

Ivan Chew - ProfileI imported the MP3 to GarageBand (GB). Then I split the track to mark where I want to create effects transitions. Made copies of the original MP3 tracks and applied different settings.

Used the Graphic Equaliser to enhance the bass and treble of selected tracks (might have overdone the treble for some parts, as Adrian felt the guitar lead sounded metallic):
Equalizer settings

Cut out the drums at the beginning (felt it wasn’t necessary). Increased the Bass. Played around with layers and effects to give variations for parts where I thought it was getting a bit repetitive. Replaced the ending with a repeat of the rhythm guitar portion (around the 2-minute mark from the initial recording).

Took about two hours to edit and get the sound levels right.

Heh.. those trained in sound-engineering might laugh at what I’m saying. I’m don’t have the proper vocabulary to explain the principles of sound engineering. Merely applied my understanding of how GB works. To me, sound engineering and editing work is like painting a picture, except with visuals and sounds. : )

We won’t be using version II. Adrian didn’t quite like how it sounded. That’s OK. We have an agreement that the original composer has the final say. Besides, it wasn’t wasted effort at all for me. I took it as an experiment to see what I could re-engineer out of just one MP3 track. I picked up a few tricks along the way, which would come in handy the next time I engineer a song.

~ Ivan


~ by Ivan Chew on October 14, 2007.

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