Music video (using an excerpt of “Into The Deep 1.1”)

Ivan Chew - ProfileMy excuse for making a very short (and probably pointless) music video with an excerpt from “Into The Deep 1.1“. I was at the National Library (Victoria Street) and noticed banners fluttering in the wind, as they hung from the ceiling of the Event Plaza.

They looked as if they were fishes swimming near the surface of the ocean. And I was beneath them, looking up. The banners literally beckoned me, as if they were waving a gentle farewell.

Ideally I would’ve wanted images of whales and the deep ocean… but was in hurry to do the video and didn’t search for suitable creative commons videos.

I’m not that experienced in making videos. I learned quite a lot from Kevin’s talk back in June of this year. But still lack the experience.

You’ll probably notice the jerkiness of the video, as if there’s a pulse every second or so. I think it’s because of the video-editing effect (I slowed the video down to create an even gentler waving motion of the banners). I also followed the youtube encoding instructions (again, something I learned from Kevin’s talk). But the quality still isn’t that sharp as I would’ve hoped. Wonder if it’s inherent in the original video (AVI format).

Anyway, maybe this could serve as a promotional video (have also loaded to Facebook). Perhaps I could interest Siva and November to put up the video as part of the SeaStars 2007 online publicity campaign.

Link to the video in Youtube.

~ Ivan


~ by Ivan Chew on October 11, 2007.

2 Responses to “Music video (using an excerpt of “Into The Deep 1.1”)”

  1. the flags remind me of the japanese fish flags!!

    If the video was taken by your camera’s movie function, there is a high chance of the low quality being inherent. I’m pretty bad with filming as well. Just did a “music” video today haha can hardly compare. your music is nicer! lol

  2. Soothing music, so you!
    Really reminds me of the ocean and seeing the “fishes” in the video “swimming” slowly offers a calming effect…

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