Amended: Into The Deep v1.1

Ivan Chew - ProfileThanks to November and Walter for their comments on the earlier version posted here. They felt that the electric lead guitar intro was jarring. There were right. So I bit the bullet and made the changes. I’m happy with this one. The lead guitar has a more solemn feel, more fitting to the overall intent of the song.

Listen/ download at ARCHIVE.ORG

Compare version 1.1. with the earlier piece (the lead starts from the 49-sec mark):

“INTO THE DEEP (1.0.)”

I’m naming this song “Into The Deep 1.1”. Yeah, I know it’s weird to name your song like a software release. But I wanted to acknowledge the comments given. This is my song, as much as those who’ve helped shaped it.

~ Ivan


~ by Ivan Chew on October 9, 2007.

12 Responses to “Amended: Into The Deep v1.1”

  1. Yup, this new version is definitely and improvement. Hey, we can now say that our audience has a say in the music-making process. Good work on the changes. BTW one of our “fans” whom I met at the yong tau foo stall said she found the album therapeutic. Hmmm, as I work on testimonial writing, it is also great comfort in listening to this piece of music.

  2. Heck, we can SHOW how our audience influenced the outcome of the music.

    SELF REFLECTION: In truth, it wasn’t easy accepting inputs to make changes to a piece of music that I felt was perfect already. But in the end it really wasn’t perfect (and can never be, I think). The comments and suggestions made sense. I had to ultimately make the judgment call and say “Just try making some changes to see how it turns out”. And turns out that the changes were for the better.

  3. accepting inputs is never easy. i dun know if you can tell but i peppered my comments with tons of disclaimers so you know i’m still the #1 fan right? hahaha 😡

    But I must say this version is SUPER!!! such perfect entry of the guitar, very natural. i hope it didn’t lose that original strength of the guitar that you were hoping for.

  4. Dear Micamonkey (aka November), you’re a fan. That’s why you cared enough to give comments! I’m glad I made the amendments to the song. I like the gentler feel to the guitars now.

  5. wow its nice. can tell you put in lots of effort, so many layers! should make a music video for this song =)

  6. Good improvement over the previous version and I liked your choice of a theme too. Have always liked whales since I was a kid, and bemoaned their sad plight in the hands of “researchers” from Japan, Norway and Russia. The calls and songs of the whale sometimes sound eerily like cries of an intelligent being, whose lives are snuffed out by the cruelty and inconsiderate nature of man.

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