Typical GB interface

typical GB interface

Adrian Loo - ProfileI used Skitch to add in the labels and upload. Thanks to Siva for constantly tekaning me about it. Its a bloody good program for quick labelling of the jpg files and I am sure there are more functions that I missed… as usual.

I have been trying to add tracks, mainly the leads for Shimmering Reflections by the Sea. The song’s about how we become thoughtful when we look at the sea and then unknowingly the sea and the waves lull us to a quiet and the thoughts dissipate. Soon we become mindful and we lay our eyes onto the waves, the distant horizon and the shimmering reflections.

Anyone can use GarageBand easily, its intuitive. A typical sequence of tracks for me is the drum loop (I have been too lazy to come up with my own drum loops… the only manual drum loop I made was in Seashore days, the rest are GarageBand drum kits). I never use the metronome as I am quite useless at following time using that… not very sophisticated, me. This is then followed by the strumming or plucking of guitar. Then its followed by the bass track, which is essential to give body to the song. Once all these are done, you can jam with the tracks without recording so that you can refine the leads. Then finally comes the recording of the lead. Because, I am not Joe Satriani, my lead always has mistakes and this is where GB really saves the day.

Then its easily exported or shared to iTunes as an mp3 for manageable attachments to Ivan to give comments. We try not to be too harsh in our comments. Its best to send the mp3 a bit later when one is not so excited about a new creation.


~ by lekowala on October 6, 2007.

2 Responses to “Typical GB interface”

  1. “Its best to send the mp3 a bit later when one is not so excited about a new creation.”

    I know what you mean. But I disagree though. If it’s to get inputs and comments, send away man. Anyway, comments are comments. It’s really up to us to accept it or not.

  2. Ivan has more experience with harsh comments, he’s a librarian!

    Glad you are using Skitch!

    Have fun dudes….

    Ivan is exploring myspace now. Saw Rachel Barton Pine’s space and felt you guys really need to set one up.

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