Ideas for refining “Sea Anemone”

Ivan Chew - ProfilePast few days, I listened to Adrian’s “Sea Anemone” on the train while on my way to work in the morning. I was trying to see if the song could be tweaked further. Adrian and I have an understanding that we could tweak around with our songs. We’re not obliged to accept the changes (original composer has the final say).

But my verdict was it’s already a nice track. The more I listened, the more I liked it. Found myself relaxing, even while standing on the train. I could easily visualise sea anemones “waving their tentacles in currents in the sea”, as Adrian explained earlier.

I decided that the song needed sound engineering, and not additional musical accompaniment (a change from my earlier comment).

Unfortunately Adrian is using GarageBand iLife ’08, while I’m using the earlier version — iLife ’06 (both versions can’t access one another’s files). However, I’m confident of finding a workaround. I’ve learned some tricks from earlier attempts at using GarageBand.

I’ve planned the following (btw, I wrote most of this while listening to the song on the train — interesting exercise in itself!):

  • Import the MP3 into GarageBand. Then create duplicate tracks and set different effects for each (e.g. raise the Bass profile; raise the treble profile only to emphasise the lead guitar)
  • Cut out the drum intro (approx. 15 seconds). Have the song go straight to the opening rhythm guitar.
    Find a way to vary the guitar effects. ‘ Cos from 0″56min to 2″00min, it’s a repeat of the earlier verse. Which is fine at first, but next 50 secs that follows is yet another repeat before the break comes in (at 2″50mins).
  • So I think between 2″00mins to 2″10mins, a subtle variation in the guitar sound might be good (maybe panning). Just to emphasise the contrast before the song goes into a lull.
  • The break is at 2″50mins to 3″17mins. Again, I think it needs some emphasis on the guitars (I might try layering a duplicate track and add Chorus effect or something). To give the listener the idea that the sea anemone has woken up from the lull.
  • The remainder of the song can then emphasise the guitar lead before it fades out.
  • Might want to replace the last fade out part with something… it sounds like the song just never ends, and then it cuts abruptly. I’m not quite sure what I’ll do. Will have to experiment.

~ Ivan


~ by Ivan Chew on October 6, 2007.

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  1. [UPDATE: Edited and sound-engineered version uploaded]

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