Sea anemone

Adrian Loo - ProfileHere’s a song about sea anemones waving their tentacles in currents in the sea.

or listen/ download at ARCHIVE.ORG

image from the blogpost Hazy days at Sungei Buloh Wetlands Reserve with permission from Otterman @ Habitatnews

It started as a technical song where I tried to have a melody that repeated varyingly in the song so that the tune would stick. I took a longer time than usual cos I was stuck in a song rut. The melody was REALLY getting repetitive so I had to do something. So I added a short little bridge after the part where the drums stopped.

I also posted about this song earlier

There are still some parts that could be improved upon and hopefully some variation can be added, but I think it was one of the first time I gave some serious thought to melody and some structure. Apparently I heard over “The Ticket on BBC World Service” before that some composers wrote some of their songs with 3 notes that were varied and still produced the results they wanted.


~ by lekowala on October 2, 2007.

3 Responses to “Sea anemone”

  1. Here’s an idea: Let’s not change the structure of the song. But we could progressively build upon the melody by adding backing guitars. Essentially, it’s a repeating pattern (sorry, I lack the musical vocabulary here) and we just add layers. Sounds like some cymbals could be added at some point.

    Alternative: I like the bridge, so maybe that should be “promoted” up. But means we have to edit and move it front. Or heck, we can call it Sea Anemone II for second album. heh.

    BUT… all that being said, as I listen to the song with earphones, I felt it sounded complete. Maybe make the bass more prominent at some points.
    Hmm… I’m confusing you, aren’t I?

    So many possibilities! 🙂

  2. [UPDATE: some thoughts and ideas on refining this song further ~ Ivan]

  3. […] re-engineering experiment: Sea Anemone II The other day I took this tune from my friend, Adrian, and tried to re-engineer the sound a little. It didn’t get […]

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