Our first ever (and maybe the last) “SeaStars2007 Album” interview

Ivan Chew - ProfileJeremy (guy who started Songcraft) discovered this blog two days after it was created (presumably from checking his blog stats and discovering a link from this blog, via our blogroll). I’d informed the Songcrafters that “a friend and I were collaborating on an album” but didn’t give details.

Jeremy asked if I could share more about the upcoming album (gee, I feel like a rock star!). I checked with Adrian and he’s happy there’s some interest in the album. He left it to me to reply to Jeremy. Last thing he wrote was: “I hope we live up to expectations… whatever that may be. Remember, let’s not celebrate mediocrity ha ha

So here goes:


QUESTION: Of what form is the album going to take? Is it gonna be purely online (and free), or are you actually gonna produce CDs with album sleeves? If so, how many copies? How much budget are you setting aside?

ANSWER: I was hoping the Songcrafters would buy copies from us.
One by each of you.
One carton.
100 CDs per carton
But nah, I’ll settle for one CD. Heck, we’ll give you the CD (so long you don’t ask us to pay you just to listen!)

Budget is NIL of course.

It’s definitely released online. And free. I don’t see how we can charge a fee and still have people listen to them.

No CDs are planned. Well, maybe we’ll burn a few CDs for friends. And fans (we expect 2 imaginary ones; see 2nd last point at this page).

Basic cover art is likely to be printing of words using magic markers, straight onto the CD surface, by hand. The artwork, fonts and typography will differ from CD to CD, depending on who burns and writes onto the CD at home.

If there’s time, I might come up with some artwork for the album cover. Adrian and I definitely CANNOT use our mug-shots as the cover. Our pics are an added disadvantage.

QUESTION: How are you gonna publicise it? Or rather, how much effort are you going to spend publicising it?

ANSWER: The SeaStars blog is one way to publicise (although it’s primary purpose is to document the collaborative process).

We’ll blog about it at our respective blogs (and we’re hoping you could help us by blogging about it in yours). We’ll also tell our friends (bloggers and non-bloggers) about the album. Hopefully they will help us publicise it. Probably after they recovering from doing the ROTFL-thingy.

Hey, come to think of it, could one of you help us “Tomorrow it“?

I might even email mrbrown and mr miyagi. See if they want to use our music for their podcast productions and stuff (not gonna charge them of course). I might email my favourite Singapore Band, Lunarin. I’ve corresponded with their lead singer before. Maybe she could give us a one-liner in her blog.

(But all that’s said about blog-publicity, even if no one mentions our effort, it’s just part and parcel of life. We’re realistic.)

Oh, if one day I’m high on beer, and near an Internet terminal, I might email Joe Satriani and Enya. If I’m really, really drunk.

QUESTION: Any other details?

ANSWER: You didn’t ask if our music is any good. LOL.

I suppose it’s music that Adrian and I would like. If someone else likes it, it’s a bonus.

We have the songs fully lined up. I’d expect much of the work to be on editing and engineering them. We’re on track for our target release date of December 2007 (heh, sounds so pro but actually we’re just winging it as we go along).

Maybe to celebrate the launch of the album, we could organise a BBQ at the SEAside, have chicken wings under the STARS, and TCSS (that’s “Talk-Cock-Sing-Song” for the non-Singaporeans).

I’d add this: Speaking for myself, creating songs is nice. Sharing them with you folks is even nicer. But after a while, I guess we tend to looking for something more.

Adrian and I know our chances of achieving fame and fortune from this album is even lower than striking TOTO. Calling it an album is just our way to set a tangible goal to work towards, musically.


~ by Ivan Chew on October 2, 2007.

3 Responses to “Our first ever (and maybe the last) “SeaStars2007 Album” interview”

  1. lol i don’t mind doing the cover art for your “album” πŸ˜‰ but then Ivan is such a good artist I don’t want to embarrass myself eheheh

  2. Monkey, I’d be grateful if you volunteer your service! Can we agree that if we don’t use it for the cover, we’ll use it for maybe as the artwork for “singles”? What I’m saying is that we’ll definitely find some way to use it so that your effort isn’t for nothing. Heck, we’ll create a Fan Art page just for you!!!

  3. wah! haha *pressure* lol sure sure it’ll give me an outlet for procrastination πŸ™‚ It’s ok if not used lah. πŸ™‚ Usually I give my “clients” a few choices to choose from πŸ˜‰

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