Gazing at a Sea of Stars

Ivan Chew - ProfileFriend of mine (let’s call her “O”). Said she checked out this music blog. “O” saw the title “SeaStars”. Reminded her of “star-sand filled beaches in Okinawa” (it’s a dream of hers to visit Okinawa).

In her email, she added:

Imagine seeing stars washed ashore by the sea, won’t that mean a sea of stars?


That line totally blew me away.

The title “SeaStars” was pieced together from Adrian’s idea of “a nostalgic reminisce of some childhood days spent at the beach in Changi”, and my memory of gazing up the sky one night (on holiday in Australia, in 1996) and being mesmerised by what seemed like the Milky Way.

The words “a sea of stars” was of significance to me. It wasn’t a childhood memory, but a memory of being in awe. An unexpected realisation of how beautiful the universe was. And how we humans pale in comparison of what’s Out There.

For some reason, I felt very calm after that.

[Northern Hemisphere Milkyway – Originally uploaded by coliwabl]

Now that “O” mentioned it, my equivalent of “seashore days” was exactly that — gazing at a “Sea of Stars”.

“O” also pointed me to this photo in Flickr:

[Okinawa Star sand 2 – Originally uploaded by Kimie_Shima]

Said she saw similar things on sale in Okinawa. But she refused to buy them. She wrote: “Id rather go see for myself the sea of stars”.

I guess this album is my indulgence, of trying to relive that feeling when I first came upon that Sea of Stars.


~ by Ivan Chew on October 2, 2007.

One Response to “Gazing at a Sea of Stars”

  1. I’m surprised that my little muse interested you. To further elaborate on why I really wanted to see the star-sand beach for myself. There is this verse in the bible, ‘I will surely bless you and make your descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky and as the sand on the seashore. Genesis 22:17’ Now the stars are not just in the sky but on the seashore too. I can just imagine standing there and being reminded of this promise God gave to Abraham. I’m sure it’ll be more awesome than each time I see a rainbow and remember His covenant with Noah in Genesis 9.

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