The Accidental Mash-up: Seashore Days

Ivan Chew - ProfileAdrian shared his perspective of how the song came about (scroll to last para of the post).

Here’s my take:

The song first started as Adrian’s second attempt at using GarageBand. He emailed me the song, just to get my comments. I asked if I could add a guitar lead. He said “Go ahead”. And I did.

As I explained at this post, the mashup wasn’t as easy as I thought. The challenge was how NOT to drown out Adrian’s original acoustic guitar melody. I only had his MP3 file to work with (the GB file was too huge to send over email). And I had to do a little “surgery” to extend the song.
[Click on image to see Flickr notes]
screenshot - GarageBand mash-up

It was done eventually. I emailed the mashup to Adrian, with some trepidation. We were friends, but not exactly close beer-drinking-shoulder-slapping buddies (we’ve only reconnected after a gap of 20 years).

In truth, I anticipated two outcomes: (1) a no-reply (i.e. he was pissed at my meddling) or (2) a reply that said “thanks, but could you not post this” (i.e. my playing was bad AND he was pissed at my meddling).

He did neither of that. Apparently he was genuinely pleased with the outcome. Phew!

I guess if I’d botched this first mashup, we wouldn’t have this joint album.

~ Ivan


~ by Ivan Chew on October 1, 2007.

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