Adrian Loo - ProfileI must have been pretty calm when i recorded this. After I finished it and listened to it, I closed my eyes and imagined starfish walking with their tube feet over corals and sand. It specifically relates to the sub-littoral zone, that is the zone permanently covered with water as opposed to the littoral . That’s where the starfish is walking and if one can just enjoy the imagery… It can be a calming and dreamy kind of feeling. (The littoral zone is the one between the high-water and low-water mark, so that means it can be inundated and then dry again.)

It was a pretty enjoyable recording and as I played the jangling guitar bit, it felt as though the entire imagery and feeling flowed through into the music.




~ by lekowala on September 30, 2007.

4 Responses to “starfish”

  1. Adrian, I wonder if there could be a backing guitar (not necessarily lead) for the second stanza of the song. Or maybe a different accompanying instrument.

    I’ve listened to the song several times. Feel that the chorus portion can do with a lead. What do you think?

    There’s an accidental recording of the ambient noise (your kids playing?) which sounds nice actually! Wonder if the song could add in the sounds of children at play, as a fade out.

  2. I am a bit reluctant but nevertheless open to the suggestion. you can try it and see if its “on” for me

  3. […] Looks to me like work on the album is well underway, and progress seems to be good. As of now, I believe they have at least 2 tracks completed already (or at least almost completed), namely “Seashore Days” and “Starfish”. […]

  4. its like an ecology lesson and music lesson rolled into one 😛 i must say though that your album will be like the perfect OST for wildfilms movies lol I’m sure they have lots of footage of starfish

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