Seashore days

Adrian Loo - ProfileHow we got inspired to do this album. The album was supposed to be named Seashore days after the first song that we collaborated on.


The song was my second jam session on GarageBand. I remember The Lizards’ Convention days when we used a 4 track recorder to do tracks and then recording this into a tape and then use that entire recording as a single track, so that we could have 3 other tracks free to add in other tracks. Garageband was thus liberating if you’ve gone through that process.

Seashore days. This is the song that primes the album in the mood it tries to capture. I basically manually created a simple drum loop and added in the bass, the snare and the highhat manually. Then I used my ovation guitar to record directly onto the Macbookpro. I say onto cos I didn’t plug it in but just used the built in mikes and closed the room door. Still the track contains Josh and Matt’s voice as they play outside, in hallway leading to the living room. I am leaving that inside for posterity. After I had the strumming in and added the bass (fretless for effect and high on the velocity – something inspired by Michael Gettel).

The song is mainly a nostalgic reminisce of some childhood days spent at the beach in Changi. My parents used to bring us there very often. I now know why; it was inexpensive. After splashing around and playing in the waves, I’d hungrily gobble up the chicken curry and hard-boiled eggs with the frenchloaf and then hurry to the rockpools to explore the wildlife there. It was the nicest thing to do and for a kid, that was really very “in the flow” kind of activity. It was pure mindfulness. It wasn’t just about being interested in marine-life but also for everything about it – the salty seabreeze, the sun, the shade, the sunflecks, the family seated on the mat, the waves, the crabs scurrying away, the sandhoppers, the searoaches, the hermit crabs, and most of all, in essence, the waves and activity lulling the mind to a quiet.

Siva had unknowingly reunited Ivan and I through his many pro-active groups and after having read on Ivan’s blog that he was quite a GB (garageband) pro, I decided to send him the song. GB tracks are huge so we had to send MP3s. So Ivan added the leads and fill-ins. Both of us kind of dig Joe Satriani so when he added those thick sounding distortion leads, it sank well with the both of us and so Seashore days got an edge now, which is nice, suddenly, it wasn’t sounding just like I was strumming to the waves but now, the emotions were added to the basic musicscape.

~ Adrian


~ by lekowala on September 30, 2007.

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