Photo credits for the Blog banner

Ivan Chew - ProfileSpent most of today touching up on songs, replying to emails, doing up this blog. Adrian‘s been busy as well, sharing his insights to our very first collaboration, and how the album name, SeaStars, came about. We’ve also put up a page about *ahem* the musicians.

Adrian suggested the blog needed a graphic banner. With shooting stars. To reflect the two different aspects of the album.

Mmm… why not? Gave me a reason to exercise my right brain. So I came up with this:
Blog Banner

To reflect the “Seashore” part, I used this photo from Adrian’s flickr page:

Originally uploaded by lekowala

I managed to find two Flickr photos (with the appropriate CC licenses) that showed the “Stars” aspects and incorporated them.

Desert Nightscape
Originally uploaded by Asten

Bosque by Twilight Star Trails
Originally uploaded by Fort Photo

~ Ivan

[Update: Ivan showed the banner to his wife. She says it looks as if the sea got polluted sky got polluted from vehicle emissions (the dark part). *Ivan slaps his forehead*]


~ by Ivan Chew on September 30, 2007.

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